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Hope is the Best Ingredient at Smithville’s Comfort Café

The Comfort Café in historic downtown Smithville is doing a lot more than serving tasty gourmet dishes, it’s changing people’s lives. The café, which is located at 111 NW First Street, is open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and do not be shocked when you don’t receive a check at the end of the meal.

The price of the meal is a pay-what-you-can donation to SerenityStar Recovery, and the staff is a group of courageous individuals who are making miraculous changes in their lives thanks to two big-hearted women.

Local residents, Teri Costlow and Rosie Lopez, started SerenityStar Recovery, an addiction recovery program which goes beyond a treatment center, in 2009; The participants are working through a 12-step program alongside alternative healing methods. It is a spiritual program made up of a community of addicts devoted to finding their personal path and discovering their purpose in recovery. Teri and Rosie are committed to helping recovering addicts heal their mind, body and spirit and the Comfort Café plays a big part in their journey of recovery.

Comfort Café waiter, Charlie Lucko, said, “Well, this program has changed my life. I had been in and out of facilities for multiple years before I found Serenity Star. This is the place that gave me my life back, and a life that is worth living, a life of purpose and meaning. Comfort Café is a place that brings people together by offering an environment where everyone gets to be a part of the healing process. It gives clients in the program the opportunity to give back and be of service, discovering that they have something to offer the world. It is a hub where people can connect as human beings and share in the victories and struggles of healing from the traumas of addiction and alcoholism, allowing the public to also see a different side of addiction, namely, what it looks like to be a person in recovery.”

The non-profit organization offers six-months to one-year inpatient men's, women's, and family transformational programs. The website says, “We are different because we put your recovery back into your hands. We are not responsible for your growth or healing - you are - but we will show you what has worked for us and give suggestions on how to live differently.”

According to the website, SerenityStar is also in the process of developing a 10-acre Healing Ranch in Smithville. “Our next vision for the ranch property is that of a 10,000 square foot community building. This would house our dining hall, a resource/computer room, library and an arts & crafts room as well as give us much-needed space for our ever-expanding schedule of meetings and classes which are open to the public as well as our resident community.”

Drop in and have a gourmet meal at Comfort Café; you will not be disappointed. The food is unbelievably delicious and the conversation even more so. There is something very wholesome and uplifting about the people and the artistic atmosphere. Find out more information on SerenityStar Recovery and Comfort Café visit www.serenitystar.org

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